Furniture Handle Decorative Hardware


Furniture handle plays the role of furniture decoration hardware. If the handle is installed on the furniture. It can not only save manpower and facilitate home life but also play a good decorative role if it is properly matched. There are many in the market with similar styles, but the price is very different. The price of a small can vary by tens or hundreds, but the quality is hard to tell. How to choose a Furniture handle with satisfactory quality and a relatively appropriate price for a home?     

Furniture Handle 3

Things to know about how to choose

Check the surface color and protective film of the Furniture handle for damage and scratches. To judge the quality of the surface treatment, a good sanding should have a relatively dim color, giving a stable feeling. The separation line of semi-sand should be straight where the light and sanding meet. If it is crooked, it is defective; A good light Furniture handle should be a mirror of color. Bright and thorough, without any defects.    

In addition, the choice of handle in different places of use requires high safety and firmness if it is an entry door. Therefore, when purchasing the handle for the entrance door. It is best not to choose a Furniture handle made of plastic.

The material of the handle includes single metal, alloy, plastic, ceramic, glass, crystal, resin, etc. Common include copper, zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, and ceramic. The performance and quality of Furniture handles made of different materials are also different due to the characteristics of the materials.

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Good Furniture handle. It should feel comfortable. Therefore, when shopping, you can try to touch it to see whether the surface treatment is smooth and whether it is smooth to pull up. The edge of a good handle should be smoothed, and there is no stubble pricking or hand cutting.

Some immoral manufacturers in the market cut corners and filled cement or soldering iron or sand in the handle tube. Giving people a thick feeling and cheating consumers. Inferior quality can be identified by the sound. Gently tap the handle tube with a hard device. The handle sound of the thick tube should be crisp, while the thin tube should be dull.

When choosing a, you should pay attention to whether it is better to choose a with a larger area around the screw hole. Because the smaller the area around the screw hole, the more accurate the hole on the plate is required. Otherwise, a slight deviation will lead to the exposure of the hole. Therefore, to prevent this situation, it is necessary to check whether the area around the screw hole is too small when purchasing.