How to choose the perfect LED bathroom mirror wall


Where do people look when brushing their teeth or styling their hair? A vanity mirror in the bathroom is an essential accessory for a complete look. How to buy LED bathroom wall mirrors? You need to strictly consider several factors.

Additional function

LED wall mirror bathrooms are often equipped with additional feature options. Therefore, it is important to study them carefully and make a cost-effective purchase. The first characteristic is the mirrors we produce are basically anti-fogging and will not steam after a shower. So we can calmly blow dry or style our hair. It’s all thanks to the built-in heating pad behind the mirror.

Another feature is the built-in mirror rear locker for storing sanitary and bathroom products. This is a good option if bathroom space is limited. The sink and vanity will be clean and tidy, making the bathroom look presentable and comfortable.

led wall mirror bathroom

Different forms of lighting options

Wall-mounted LED wall mirror bathrooms have multiple LED light-dimming and color-changing lighting options for beauty, hairdressing, makeup, and more. This feature is very helpful for consumer groups who frequently shave or trim their eyebrows. In addition to wall-mounted LED wall mirror bathrooms, LED vanity lamp mirrors provide adjustable lighting and brightness, and also have powerful usage functions.

LED light source configuration mode

Normally, the lighting position of the LED wall mirror bathroom can have 3 different names — 1. The backlit LED bathroom mirror LED light source is emitted from behind the mirror to the side to create mild indirect lighting with the atmosphere. 2. Front LED embedded lighting LED bathroom mirror, sand into various shapes on the mirror, LED light source emits brightness through the mirror to the mirror user. This LED bathroom mirror design is very popular and modern. The advantage is that the user’s face does not have any shadow, but the disadvantage is that the light cast through a layer of glass sanded surface is only half the brightness of ordinary lamps. Often consumer buyers assume that the same amount of power will bring the luminosity of a light fixture to a bathroom environment. 3. Backlight and front light dual LED bathroom mirror, wow this light source combines the above two types of use. The brightness is a sum. At the same time, the driver configuration has to go up one level and the cost has to go up a little bit. However, the user has more choices about how to use the light source.


Under the operation of the designer, the LED wall mirror bathroom is also an important finished product that complements the interior design.   The pursuit of overall design style often makes use of different materials, shapes, and sizes of the frame to achieve a perfect match.   The framed LED bathroom mirror in the bathroom is easy to blend into the surroundings, and the elegant design can be easily brought into the luxurious design of the bathroom environment.   Hopefully, these can help those interested in noble decoration can easily grasp the essence.

If the bathroom has wood tones and neutral colors, choose a wood-framed LED bathroom mirror to incorporate into the design.   On the other hand, if the plan space is compact, it is suggested to choose a colorful frame to highlight the bathroom space to create the illusion of extra space.

LED bathroom mirror shape on the wall

There is a wide variety of LED bathroom mirrors to choose from, with square, round, rectangular, hexagonal, and swirl patterns for the vanity or vanity. Buy square-shaped mirrors for a modern look. On the other hand, hang an oval mirror for a retro look.

The shape is essential for introducing balance. They introduce cohesion and make the bathroom look cozy. If you can’t decide which shape to buy, compare the different shapes to the design to see what fits.  

Price and space.

Increased functionality, shape, and surface affect the price of mirrors. A simple LED wall mirror bathroom is not expensive. In addition to price, space is a key factor.

Before purchasing a mirror, measure the dimensions of the wall so that the surface area does not intersect with the lavatory, electrical outlets, and other fixtures. Don’t forget for more details, or ask friends or family for advice on what size to buy.