Buying Tips for the Best and Most Profitable Industrial Endoscope Camera in


Are you tired of searching for the perfect industrial endoscope camera that can WiFi link cell phones to use caste screen magnification like an industrial endoscope camera? Then, it’s sometimes enough to know that you are not the only person facing this problem. It is often difficult to find many other people like you. Even when people consider the purchase of an industrial endoscope with cast screen magnification on phones in general, they feel uncertain about selecting an appropriate model. We intend to help you. In this article, you may get some reliable information for buying a reasonable and profitable endoscope and buying tips as well.


About Industrial Endoscope Camera

An industrial endoscope is one kind of visual detecting method for quality control areas that human eyes cannot observe directly. It is essentially a camera at the end of a cable that can record images or video of something that is difficult to access. The industrial endoscope camera is manually controlled by someone and looks at what the camera is capturing through a screen either on the industrial endoscope itself or via a smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

These special areas are vessels, pipe inner part of the non-detachable equipment, the inner surface of the pipe gap, the liquid surface, etc. The industrial endoscope is widely used in automobile air conditioning maintenance, sewer detection and other industries that are inconvenient for operators to observe directly. There are various models of industrial endoscopes.

The wifi endoscope camera can use WiFi hotspot mode to work with smartphones and tablets. industrial endoscope camera is designed for the non-destructive testing of engines, machines, etc. Someone may get confused about how to choose an industrial endoscope which gives advantages WiFi link phone to use the cast screen magnification. If you are confused, you need to know 8 tips before choosing an industrial endoscope. These are mentioned below:


Tips for buying the best industrial endoscope camera

  • The exact position of the inspection hole will help you to know the camera’s direction of view and understand the accessible route and length of the insertion tube you will choose. You need to consider this.
  • The exact size will help you to decide the diameter you for your appropriate.
  • Know the size of inspection objects. The size of inspection objects is the most important factor to decide the angle of view and brightness of light which you may need.
  • Then you need to know the size of the defects. It is an important factor to decide the right resolution, magnification, minimum defects detectable and focus abilities so that you can catch the appropriate and clear image.
  • You also need to focus on the distance and angle from the lens to the inspection objects. It will affect the illuminating requirements directly no matter whether you use standards or high-intensity light sources. It will help find the best viewing position to obtain the best image resolution and maximum magnification.
  • Then, comes the reflectivity of light. The different surface has different reflectivity, it depends on the material and roughness of the surface. So, you need to choose suitable illumination according to the specific situation.
  • Another important aspect is the approach path to the inspection point. Because a rigid or flexible bending path will decide which kind of insertion tube you may need.
  • Lastly, you need to consider the environmental condition if you can take advantage of an industrial endoscope camera. Like temperature, humidity, light, and other factors for inception, well performance (waterproof, oilproof, corrosion resistance, strong electromagnetic interference).


Some attractive features of Shenzhen’s Endoscopy instruments

  • Its endoscope cameras are distinct with premium features that enable an easier industrial inspection for varying uses.
  • It’s introduced wireless endoscopes that make use of hotspots available for our users. These endoscopes also adopt high-quality material wire and thicken the shells of the fuselage to meet the use environment of the harsh scene. industrial endoscope cameras are another best endoscopy.
  • These products are quality materials with silicone anti-fall protection giving them a lasting impression.