Enhance Your Brand Visibility with Gobo Logo Projector


As an ambitious business person, you’re constantly trying to find ways to make your brand stand out from your competitors. With so much hustle and bustle, it’s crucial to invest in an effective and time-befitting advertisement that will build your brand awareness. For both indoor and outdoor advertising, Gobo Logo Projector can be the best way to prominently display your logo and grab potential customers’ attention.


How Does an Integrated Gobo Logo Projector Work?

Logo projection requires a GOBO(Go between Optics), a gobo projector, and any projection surface. The gobo is a small disc or template made of film, metal, or glass that carries your logo design or other desired images.

The gobo is placed into a gobo projector, and when the light goes through the lens, the image reflects on the designated surface.

It’s vital to select the right type of gobo for your desired design, also the right projector and projector lens, to make sure a crisp, clear image.

gobo logo projector

What Kinds of Surfaces Gobo Logo Projector Needs

Logo projection is both diversified and inexpensive, facilitating you to use a variety of surfaces, such as an interior wall, building facade, or different-sized floor space, to reflect your advertising campaign.


What is The Most Common GOBO Size for a Gobo Logo Projector?

With the indication of small LED gobo projectors, smaller sizes have become more familiar. Sizes like 24mm gobo size with 20mm image size, and 37.5  gobo size with  28mm image size are ordered mostly. When the target place is a short distance, it is good enough to produce a quality logo or image.

Generally speaking, if your projection surface is a longer distant and extra large size, then you should go for bigger sizes like 66/100 mm gobo size with mm48/75 image size. The larger gobo you will need to buy to get the more detailed and delicate reflection.


Which Type of Gobo Is The Best For Your Logo And Images?

Gobo types will largely depend on your logo design and your budget. For your advantages, we will briefly explain which type will fit your project.

Glass gobos in gobo logo projector: The image quality of glass gobos is generally better, especially for complex logos. Glass gobos will also allow you for more than one color.

Metal gobos in gobo logo projector: Metal is less expensive than glass and can work well for simple logo designs where tabbing is less obvious or isn’t required.

Film gobos for gobo logo projector: Film gobos are the least expensive option of all three; however, they can support full-color, complex designs. This delicate material, however, only works well with low-powered projectors and has a shorter lifespan.

However, if your logo consists of more than one colo    r or color gradient, you should use glass.

gobo logo projector


For both indoor and outdoor advertising, Gobo Logo Projector is the best way to display your logo, images and grab potential customers’ eyes. Gobo logo projector will help you get word of mouth for your services or products. Not only will you improve your business, it will help you slash your advertising costs.