Domestic and international freight forwarders


Freight forwarder is a company that transports the goods entrusted by the principal from one place to another through a designated transportation route. Freight forwarder is a company that acts as an agent for transportation companies (sea, land, air) to collect and collect goods, thus playing an important role in connecting the trade between the shipper and the customer.

Domestic and international freight forwarders

Freight forwarders are usually divided into domestic freight forwarders and international freight forwarders. International freight forwarding services are an extension of domestic freight forwarding services, which have a series of characteristics of domestic freight forwarding services, but have many differences from domestic freight forwarding services, mainly manifested in the following aspects.Domestic and international freight forwarders

一、There are significant differences in the natural environment of logistics and freight transportation

Shipping international goods to various countries and regions around the world, and connecting with the world; However, domestic freight forwarding services are only the theme of logistics and freight transportation in China. The natural environment of international freight transportation has diversity, richness, and global natural environment characteristics, and the standardization of domestic freight forwarding services is also the same for international freight forwarding services.

A customs declaration document can handle domestic freight forwarding services, but international freight forwarding services are not. Various documents such as customs declaration documents, origin receipts, and commodity inspection are necessary. In China, the transportation of liquid, powdered and other goods is not difficult. If such products need to be transported abroad, it is more difficult and requires a lot of documents. In addition to Chinese customs inspection, the customs of the destination country will also inspect them.

Freight forwarder

二、 International freight forwarding services Diversity

International freight forwarding services require the use of multiple languages, and logistics and freight declaration documents in multiple languages must be selected for each country through which goods are transported; The product itself, product manuals, etc. will also be multilingual; Although the goods themselves and product manuals are mostly in English as the common commercial language, a series of countries try to require logistics customs declaration documents in multiple languages.

三、 Different freight forwarder modes of transportation

Domestic freight forwarding services are mostly carried out by trucks, which are a key means of transportation in China and only require automotive logistics to operate. Air transportation, international sea transportation, and automobile logistics generally go through two stages of transportation, such as air transportation from China to the United States and the United Kingdom, and then truck transportation. In China, a relatively safe transportation series, international goods are mostly transported by international sea and air to foreign countries. If accidents occur midway, the damage to economic development will be very significant.

四、 Freight forwarder and exchange methods for information content

To provide domestic freight forwarding services in China, if you want to inquire about the logistics and transportation of goods, you can immediately call the official website or inquire, or check which website the goods have arrived at; If international freight forwarding services are provided, logistics tracking may be delayed based on the local country’s market.

Honza International Logistics Co., Ltd. undertakes both domestic and foreign freight forwarding services. The transportation arranged domestically is frequently distributed nationwide, with a wide distribution range and service coverage, so there is no need to worry about pick-up issues. In international transportation, there are transportation routes distributed in various countries, such as the Americas, Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and other countries. For more information, please click on the page for consultation.