What is a USB Inspection Camera?


Do you want to inspect an impossible area to view with your naked eyes? If yes, then we got you covered!


What is a USB Inspection Camera?

This is a waterproof camera head with a 5m to 10m USB cable essential for inspecting the area that is impossible to view with your naked human eyes. It is necessary for repair and maintenance diagnosis, more so it is ideal for pest and insect management and surveying areas like the voids between furniture and ceiling cavities.
Further, the USB inspection camera can be connected directly to your laptop or a computer through the USB port, which also is used to power the camera. Its ideal use is continued to inspect gearboxes, engines, boilers giving the mechanics and other repair companies no need to strip down.

A USB inspection camera is known for its multitude of purposes and tasks, primarily for investigating, viewing, and inspecting areas that are hard to reach and see. The cable is long enough to flex and extend to allow the user to position the waterproof camera head to his desired angle during inspection of a curved pipe or around the corners.

Additionally, the USB inspection camera can record videos and take pictures, which is ideal when photographic evidence is required by the client, like reporting a problem or in case of an extra backup quotation to the customers.

The feature of a USB inspection camera :

  • It is waterproof 1P-67
  • It has a USB interface for direct connection to a PC or laptop
  • It is powered through a USB connection
  • It has a semi-rigid-flexible probe that can be pre-formed to access hard-reach places.
  • It has light adjustable controls for six ultra-bright LEDs
  • It can capture images and videos, which can be attached to emails or reports
  • It is supplied with software for Windows PCs only


Uses of a USB Inspection Camera

Machine inspection
A USB inspection camera is essential for the inspection of machinery without taking the object apart. These machines are; air conditioners and ventilators, which stop work, and the USB inspection camera, which can be used to determine the issue.

Vehicle inspections
The USB inspection camera is also one of the valuable tools among mechanics when working on cars. The user can use the camera to view or inspect the parts that are out of view with the average human eye with no need to dismantle anything.

Pipes inspection
The USB inspection camera is ideal since the camera has a small diameter that can be easily placed down to check or determine the leaking or cracked part of a pipe. Further, since it is waterproof, it can be used to check water pipes, drains, and sewer problems.

Wall inspections
A USB-inspecting camera is used when painting, plastering, or remolding a wall. If you suspect a rot or mold on your wall, you can consider using the inspection camera due to its ease; you will create a hole in your wall and place your camera head to check. The inspection camera technology is crucial since it can help the user save both time and money during home decor.


In conclusion, The USB inspection camera can be used for many purposes and tasks. However, some mentioned above are many more uses like gunsmith work, retrieving items from places out of your reach, and many more.