Unveiling Excellence: JIERUICC, Your Trusted OEM ODM Mini Computer Manufacturer


JIERUICC is a well-known OEM ODM Mini Computer manufacturer in China. Since its conception, the company has produced different kinds of PCS that are completely fanless. Yet, their products are free from overheating. The fanless computers are perfect for industrial and personal use. Moreover, fanless PCs operate optimally in tough environments.

OEM ODM Mini Computer Manufacturer

Choose JIERUICC as the best OEM ODM Mini Computer Manufacturer

Wide variety of products

The performance of the PCs is very stable, and you do not need to move parts consistently. The design of the mini-computers prevents dust from entering the mechanism. It extends the useful life. The products at JIERUICC are suitable for offices, and educational institutions. Other clients include banks and government agencies. In addition to being a reliable manufacturer, JIERUICC’s portfolio includes other products as well. You can shop on their website for network appliances and industrial panels.

Quality guaranteed

The products are exceptional in quality. They are manufactured with top-quality raw materials. Moreover, excellent utilization of resources such as labor and other elements keeps the price low. You can use industrial PC / panel PC products in the roughest circumstances. For consumers mini PC products, They are ideal for business use.

The OEM ODM Mini Computer manufacturer is proud of its products because they are energy efficient. As a result, you pay less for energy consumption while enjoying higher productivity. The products are also space-saving because of their compact size. The computers come with regulators that keep the internal features at the preferred temperature.

Offers OEM/ODM customized Service

JIERUICC is a professional OEM/ODM mini computer manufacturer that accepts in-depth OEM/ODM customization services, such as customization services from motherboard design to casing and packaging boxes, etc. If you have customization needs, please contact us, provide specific needs, and we will provide you with professional customized services

You are welcome to visit JIERUICC’s factory to learn about the specific production process of minicomputers and to inspect our quality control process. We warmly welcome your arrival.

Promoting healthy competition

The aim of the company as the leading OEM ODM Mini Computer manufacturer is to promote the computer industry, they research the market and design products the customer needs. As a result, their items complement the market conditions. Fanless mini PCs are only one of the items we sell. You can browse different products for numerous configurations.

JIERUICC is dedicated to becoming the most reliable PC manufacturer in the world. The OEM ODM Mini Computer manufacturer is CE certified and has other certifications that speak to the quality of the products. The PCs and other items are strictly tested to represent the quality before shipment.

JIERUICC is a crucial part of the PC industry that offers numerous products and services. The company offers extensive product support for OEM and ODM. It is a one-stop provider of mini-computer manufacturing and customization services.

OEM ODM Mini Computer Manufacturer