Top 10 Cool Vape Tricks You Need to Know About


In the last few years, vaping has become increasingly popular. Aside from the fact that vape mods are potentially less harmful than traditional cigarettes, some people use them for entertainment purposes. Cool Vape tricks include the Ghost Inhale, Dragon, Tornado, Jellyfish, Waterfall, and many others.

Types of Vape Tricks – Cool Vape Tricks

1 Ghost Inhale
To do so, simply open your lips, stick it out a little in an O-shape, and then immediately close it.
Do not pressurize the vapor. For a moment, hold your breath. It’s just that simple! 

2 The Dragon
The dragon is a fantastic vape trick that will surely impress your peers. It’s a little lavish in that it transforms you into a fearsome dragon. The vapor erupts from the corners of your lips and nose with force and threat.

3 Tornado
The term is both amusing and menacing, and you can be sure that everyone who witnesses this vape trick will be impressed. This technique involves forming a flat pool of vapor into a tornado shape. A pen or mod that produces thick, motionless vapor is ideal for the tornado vape.

4 Jellyfish
The Atomic Bomb or Force Field are other names for the same feat. The goal is to make a small O amid the large ring, which will connect them to form a jellyfish.

5 The Waterfall
The waterfall is created by including a container with frozen water on the bottom.
Blow it into the bottle as you take a draw and slowly pour it out. 
6 Bull Ring
Have you ever fantasized about wearing a pain-free, temporary ring on your nose? The Bull Ring is approaching.
The Bull-Ring move is also in the shape of an O, but instead of exhaling through the mouth, one must exhale through the nose.
So you’re effectively blowing O’s via your nose.
7 Triangles
Exhale through an O-ring. Then, with your forearm, swiftly act like pressing the ring down three times in succession. It rolls around and transforms into a triangle. Because your taps must be rapid, you’ll need a lot of concentration and practice.

8 Vapor Bubble
Simply cut the bottom of a plastic bottle and fill it with a mixture of hand soap and water.
Make sure the bottle you’re using is a manageable size. After that, slowly exhale your vapor while lowering the end of the bottle into the liquid.
9 Liquid Mist
This is a terrific vape technique to impress folks when you’re at a party or in a club. You can make a mist that stays on top of your drink and gives it the appearance of a potion.

10 Double, Triple O’s
The earliest trick invented by smokers is blowing O’s. It should come as no surprise to anyone. So, once you’ve mastered your basic O’s, prepare to dazzle your audience with a more sophisticated trick: exhale two, three, or even more O’s at the same time!

Compilation of the Best Cool Vape Tricks

Vape tricks are a fun way to pass the time if you enjoy vape pens and e-cigarettes. It may be an enjoyable activity and hobby whether you do it with your pals or completely alone. Some of these simple vape techniques may take some practice before you can call yourself an expert, but it is well worth the effort if you truly want to wow your friends and family with these e-cig tricks.